Powershell – Importance, how it works

Key elements
== It’s a command-line shell and scripting language designed from scratch to be an optimal environment for modern Windows operating system
== It’s task based
== Built on top of the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework
== PowerShell commands are object based not text based, they accept and return .NET Framework objects
== All shell commands use the same command parser
== PowerShell has syntax features and keywords that are very similar to those used in the C# programming language, because Windows PowerShell is based on the .NET Framework
== PowerShell provides an extensible architecture that allows new functionality to be added to the shell in the form of cmdlets, providers, type extensions, format metadata…
== PowerShell commands are referred to as Cmdlets
== Cmdlets are instances of .NET Framework classes, they are not stand-alone executables
== Cmdlets are record-oriented because they process a single object at a time
== Cmdlets are written in verb-noun format to show specific functions to performed against an object
== You can define aliases for commands to customize the environment to how you like to work
In Depth / References


Tested with

PowerShell 4.0
PowerShell 2.0


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